Alpha GEL™

alpha GEL

αGEL® is a trade name collectively used for soft silicone GEL materials manufactured by Taica. αGEL® has been applied in various fields such as shock absorption, vibration isolation, heat dissipation, tactile impression and so on, due to its softness and superior physical characteristics. GEL Brochure Thermal Brochure COH-1706 Brochure

Taica and Mouser Electronics have entered into an agreement to distribute Taica Alpha GEL products through Mouser’s worldwide distribution network. Starting December 15, 2015 Taica Alpha GEL parts, components, and materials will be available at www.mouser.comMouser Electronics..
For question regarding the distribution of Taica products through Mouser, please contact Taica North America Corporation for further details.

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αGEL® in various fields

Sports_Shoes Cushioning

αGEL® protects the knee from the impact of landing, said to be three times the weight of the body. Its performance remains stable even with vigorous movement during sports.

Stationery_Pen Grip

An αGEL® grip fits any fingers gently and provides a comfortable relaxing feel.

Precision Apparatus Wrist Watch

αGEL® protects from a shock various precision apparatus including wrist watches.

Industrial Products_Pump/Compressor

αGEL® vibration insulators can absorb low frequency vibration, difficult to be isolated by conventional dampers such as rubber.

Electronic Device Mobile Phone

αGEL® shows its excellent shock absorption and superior thermal conductivity even in small mobile phones.