Cubic Printing     E-Cubic

Our “CUBIC PRINTING™” and “E-CUBIC®” are 3D decoration technologies, by floating special films with a diverse range of designs on top of water and applying printing to target objects using water pressure. These technologies can handle a wide range of materials and complex shapes. These versatilities make it possible to be used in a wide range of applications for automobiles, electric appliances, mobile phones, interior decorations and more.

Worldwide Technologies

Cubic Printing

This pioneering 3D decoration technology is in use around the world. Through our network of approximately 80 partner processing plants in over 20 countries, we support global procurement of leading companies both in Japan and abroad.

cubic printing matte finish

Matte Finish

cubic printing gloss finish

Gloss Finish


E-CUBIC® makes it possible to express 3D designs, creating realistic wood patterns with apparent depth, as well as hairlines with real texture. This technology uses low quantities of solvent, making it environmentally friendly.

E-Cubic Real Feel

Real "Feel"

E-Cubic Real Touch

Real "Touch"


Turn a wide range of concepts into reality, even for complex shapes.

CUBIC PRINTING™; and E-CUBIC® have been used extensively in a variety of fields from automobiles to electric appliances and furniture, not only by Japanese companies but also by manufacturers around the world. They can be adapted to process a myriad of materials, both soft and hard.

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